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III% United Patriots of North Carolina

This list is not complete.  We are still working on Black Lives Matter, Neo-Nazi’s (Arian Brotherhood), and MS13 Profiles.


Some organizations may seem to be more despicable than others, but we’re not rating organizations based on their beliefs or how much they’re disliked.  For instance, the KKK is no longer a threat to the USA as they have been disowned by both the left and the right and have no power over policy, law, or liberty.  Other organizations may not seem to have the same level of hateful views as the KKK, but make no mistake, they have the support, the backing, and their agenda is dangerous.

It is important to know who could potentially be a threat to life and liberty in the United States and in North Carolina which is why it is a good idea to check back on this page as we post new organizations and why we should keep an eye on them with relevenat updates.



Antifa, short for Anti-Fascists, is an organization originating in Nazi-Germany to forcefully suppress the views and speech of those political ideologies they disagree with which is any ideology but their own.  They oppose law enforcement, capitalism, free-speech, borders, and private property.

Southern Poverty Law Center


The Southern Poverty Law Center is a private corporation and is used as a fallacious authority on hate groups often cited by the media.  They list many groups as hate groups including this group, musical bands, and stores that sell country genre, yet neglect to list Antifa.

Black Lives Matter


Black Lives Matter is a black supremacist organization that masquerades as an activist organization that opposes law and law enforcement and encourages violence against law enforcement.  Their lethality is what rates them so high as their espoused ideas are direct results of officer deaths.

Ku Klux Klan


The Ku Klux Klan is a white supremacy organization that was historically founded by the wigg party and later re-founded by the Democratic Party. It is now said that it serves as an extreme right political ideology of national and racial purity in the United States. However, they haven’t shown any acts of unprovoked violence since the late ’70s.

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