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New Report


Website Closure

As some of you may know, Pattoneer, former CO of 3UPNC was wrongfully removed from 3UPNC by 3UP National Board.  Many active members left with Pattoneer and started another organization called Guardians of Liberty - a community oriented militia and crisis response organization. (EDIT: This organization has gone NATIONAL!)

This website will remain here until final business is completed in the shop and records are no longer needed.  The message on the home page when logged out will remain indefinitely.  This domain is registered for 10 years, so it will likely be at least that long before it disappears so there is a matter of record of what happened for all to see by simply Googling "III% United Patriots".

You can read about what happened here or you can join the new organization here. You may also close this window and handle any unfinished business here such as tracking an order.