This is a simple mortality calculator that allows you to plugin in variables and get a realistic mortality index from the numbers being published by the CDC.

As mathmeticians are aware, it is a fallacy to use the combination of sample data and real data to produce an index. This produces greatly skewed and innacurate resuts as most are using with the postive test results and the total deaths. This is why we must ajust numbers to either match the sample data or adjust the real data to match the sample data. In my methods, I will be inflating the sample data instead of real data reduction for a more accurate result. That means if the CDC reports that only 1.8 of those likely infected are being tested, then we must either use 1.8% of the real data to compare with the sample or we have to increase the sample data to a factor of 1.8% to produce even semi-accurate results.

That is what this form attempts to accomplish dispelling all of the rumors of 3.8% mortality ratings by showing the most realistic data we have and using that in real mathematical equasions.

You can find the source-code of this calculator here to check the math.