Frequently Asked Questions

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III% United Patriots of North Carolina

Getting Started

How do I join?

Joining is easy!  Simply click “Sign Up“.

Or click the button “Connect w/ Facebook“.

How do I join a Battalion?

Once you’ve joined the website and filled out your profile information the best that you can, find your battalion number here:

Then find the group and click “Apply to Join”.

I've joined a Battalion, now what?

The Battalion will investigate the data on your profile and likely also investigate your social media accounts.   If you get a friend request from someone that appears to be a member of this group, you may want to accept them so they can thoroughly vet you.  Once you are accepted you will be able to see all of the inter-workings of that group, post updates to that group, and even read the documents that the officers and commanders have dissiminated.

Do I have to fill out ALL profile fields?

It would be greatly advised, however we at least need to know your Zello handle.

Sister/Child Orgs

Can my militia or patriot group join?

Yes! In order to get started, the leader or other responsible party for making decisions must join this website and message @Pattoneer to get started.

Why should my group/militia join?

It’s really simple, actually – do you want a few hundred patriots at your back when the shit hits the fan, or a few hundred thousand across our nationally networked organization?  Sure, sometimes working in small groups is great, if you have the support, coordination, and over-watch of a larger group with access to the tools, cunning, and knowledge to property support and direct your team.

How would my group be ranked?

Your group would be ranked by size.

If you are only a few dozen patriots spread across the state, we would likely ask that your entire organizaion join with us so you can be properly sorted into battalions for FTX’s.  If you wanted to establish a tighter knit group within the organization to call your own, we would have no issues with that.

However if you are a few dozen in a county, you would likely be adopted within III% United Patriots of North Carolina as a Company and you would be assinged to a Battalion which means the leader would be granted the rank of First Lieutenant after vetting (and assuming they meet other qualifications), and the second in charge would be promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant.

If you are of a significant size and your organization is responsible for a large area, we can chat about adoption as a new battalion.

What if many of my members are already in 3UPNC?

We can still negotate and see what we can do but we would likely want to talk about just having the rest of your members join and keeping your subgroup outside of 3UP or within a private group. However, members that are in 3UP will be instructed that duties to your group would be secondary meaning if they missed a battalion FTX to attend your own private FTX somewhere else, they would be demerited for that as they would have been even without your group joining.  However, if you hosted an open FTX for the brigade, they would not be demerited.

Can we still work with 3UPNC and not join?

This is a grey situation.  Mostly yes.  You could attend open FTX’s with us and communicate with us on our website and even in public channels in Zello.  We would even coordinate and work with you as we do other organizations duing natural disasters.  However, in the event we have to take up arms against anyone, only those that have joined our group will be fighting with us.  It’s not meant to offend or exclude – the simple truth is, we train with our members in private FTX’s, we’re accustom to our rank structure, we know how to make our own campsites and prepared positions, and we know how to stay alive and not become a liability to our units.

We simply can’t take the risk and unknown of inviting a 3rd party organization within the camps or operations of our organization putting our members in jepordy and the overall liberty we’re defending in peril.  This is why we recommend for each patriot leader to do everything he or she can to have your organization join up, completely.  We do not want to see your organization disbanded, we don’t want to erode your identity either, but in order to fight along side of us, you must be one of us.

Your Documents & Cloud

How do I create a document?

In the left panel, click “My Docs”.

Then click, “Create New”.

How do I upload files?

In the left panel, click “My Cloud”.

Then click, “Page Icon”.

Simply drag-and-drop the file you want to upload.

I see a document posted to my group, does that apply to me?

Yes.  If your CO posts a document to your group, that means you should probably read it.

How can I let my secretary write documents for me?

You don’t, not in that sense.  They can publish the document, but will not be official until you comment, “Signed by, YOURNAME”.   At that point, this should signal to the rest of your group that the document is official and active.

Your Social Media

How do I upload media to my timeline?

Just drag-and-drop the picture into the box you are typing in!

How do I organize my media?

Click “My Media” on the left panel and create as many folders and albums as you need.

Why can't I reply to someone's post?

Either you have to be their friend or they have blocked you.

Can I use all of these features on my phone?

Yes! Every feature avaialbe to the standard web browsers should also be available to your phone.  If you change your password and login to the website normally telling the website to remember your password, you should also be able to get notifications on your phone pushed by the website even while your browser is closed!

What are Forums used for?

Forums are for threaded discussions; that is an organized topic and reply system that focuses on the main topic, much like a news article would get replies.  Forums are great for discussing current event topics as well as publishing information.

What are the Events used for?

Events are for calendaring any events to schedule in a group or for the entire organization.  It’s a good idea to keep your eyes on the events.

Account & Login

I registered with Facebook but says password invalid!?

If you register with Facebook, you still have to set a password on our website to login manually.  You do not need to create a new account.  To login to your account, simply click “Connect w/ Faceboook” again to login (then change your password).

The website says I've been blocked by the firewall?

This is because you have failed to login too many times.  Generally this will resolve itself within 5-30 minutes.  If not, message Michael L Wells or Michael White on Facebook or try to login on a nother internet connection (such as your phone’s mobile data).

How do I close/delete my account?

We would be sorry to see you go, but you can delete your account under the Data Export page under your Account Settings.

News Publishing

Where does your News come from?

From our members!  Each member can post news to our website by clicking “My Publications” from the left menu.

My news hasn't been approved yet?

It can take some time, we have to fact check news before we approve it.  If it is a breaking story, please ensure you also include a “SOURCES” part to the news article.  If the sources are confidential please DISCLOSE those sources and trust that the editor will remove them – but we have to have a record of this.

Why was my news article rejected?

Your news aritcles can be rejected for the following reasons:

Copyright Infringement

Please ensure that you submit your OWN content to our website.  You can copy some news articles but you need to ensure you provide the source and credit to that source.  Otherwise, you would need to ensure that you report on the news your self and avoid copying and pasting the article from another website.

Lack of Sources

We will not post fake news, even if that news comes from another news outlet.  Sources must be included either documented evidence, witnesses, or video.


If you are going to post opinion, it MUST be categorized as “Opinion” and no other categorization.

Chain of Command

What is a Chain of Command?

A chain of command is any management structure that allows for a liner path of instruction and feedback.  Many people hear the words “Chain of Command” and immediately think, “Military”.   This is a misnomer as many companies and corporate structures have a well-established chain of command.  When there is an owner, managers, and supervisors, there is a chain of command.

Why do we need a Chain of Command?

A chain of command simplifies both your life in this organization as well as the leaders’ lives.   Would you rather have to attend a roll call every day so one leader can try and get a baseline for active members or would you rather do roll call on a company level once per week and then have your CO report in that his/her company is accounted for?

We have a publication on the Chain of Command page that goes into more detail.

How do I know who my CO is?

Join your Brigade’s Group, there will be documents there that should demondstrate who the leaders are.

General Questions

Will this site replace Facebook page?

Yes and No.  The Facebook page will still be used for recruiting and gaining new members.  However, primary communications and organization should occure on this website.  No one other than this organization has access to the data that is on this website.   This is perfect for both OpSec and avoiding censorship.   Besides if you get a 30-day ban from Facebook, you can still come here and keep up the shenanagans!

What happens to my data I submit?

Any data you submit to this site goes through a reverse proxy known as CloudFlare.   Cloudflare is a website-firewall and caching mechanism that provides our first line of defense against intruders and those that would want to take this website offline.  So any data you send does first go through Cloudflare.

After that, it comes straight to our servers and goes nowhere else unless you tell it to by setting your profile fields as public – at that point, we don’t have any control over who has access to your information.

I was told I had to resign from this group to join another?

This is your choice to make.  We do not impose any such requirements and never will.  We would, however, advise extreme caution joining some groups claiming to be 3%’er groups requiring you quit all other 3%er groups.   The act of forcing you to sever all ties with other, real organizations is cult behavior.

Do I have to quit other groups to join this group?

So long as your affiliation is not a domestic terrorist group or a group associated with hate crimes, no.

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