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The Myths

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Myth: The III% United Patriots is a hate group.

The III% United Patriots does not recongize hate.  All patriots bleed one color regardless of their individuality.  This myth runs on the burden of proof fallacy.  No evidence exists that can reasonably demonstrate that this group engages in any hateful rhetoric or acts.

Myth: The III% United Patriots are conspiracy theorists


The III% United Patriots does closely follow conspiracy theories.  The Bay of Pigs invasion was conspiricy theory until it wasn’t.  We dig into everything we can find and weigh the facts which means no conspiracy theory is ignored.   We don’t look away from the man behind the curtains just because someone tells us to.

Myth: The III% United Patriots is being de-platformed.


The III% United Patriots has lost dozens of web pages and Facebook groups.  The lastest was 3percent.org which was deplatformed by Yahoo.

Myth: The III% United Patriots is a violent organization.


The III% United Patriots recongizes that violence is a non-negotiable last-resort, abet it may be necessary in the future.   We will not rule out the possibility of violence, but that makes us no more violent than someone defending themselves against an attacker.  You can never rule out that your actions may have to rise to the point of violence to defend yourself.  We can neither rule out that our actions may have to rise to the point of violence to defend our liberty.  But this once against is perpetuated by the burden of proof fallacy.  No evidence exists that even aledges that this organization has engaged in or even planned violent acts.

Myth: Patriot groups are becoming insignificant in politics.


Patriot groups have been gaining relevancy and pull within the political spheres of influence.  Some congressmen are begining to re-learn where the real power in the United States resides – with the people – the armed citizenry.  We, patriot groups, are we, the people – an armed citizenry.

Myth: I would lose my military retirement or VA Comp if I join.


You cannot lose your retirement or VA compensation by joining this organization.  We are not classified by the US Government as anti-government nor are we considered a terrorist organization.  These are the only two criterias in which you could lose your retirement or compensation.

Myth: The III% United Patriots is a militia.


This myth is a product of the composition/division fallacy which is futher exacerbated by the appeal to authority fallacy of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

While it is true, we do train for the day that we may have to defend our liberties, we hope and pray that day never comes.  But merely preparing makes us no more of a militia than it makes you a soldier for losing weight to enter the US Army.  The fundimental diffrence between a community service organization and a militia is that a militia has recongized a target for military action.  We have not.  Maybe one day we will be a militia, but today we are not.

Myth: The III% United Patriots is just a bunch of rednecks.


The III% United Patriots has members from all backgrounds and walks of life including congressmen, attournies, corporate executives, elected sherrifs, mayors, city councilmen, and even celebrity personalities.  Everyone has skin in the game when it comes to our freedom.

Myth: The III% United Patriots is anti-government


This myth, once again, is perpetuated by the Southern Poverty Law Center while they, themselves apply the burden of proof fallacy to perpetuate it.  They also make an assumption that is just simply untrue and the antithesis to what we stand for.  The III% United Patriots greatly recongizes both the uses and the need for government.  We also greatly respect government so long as liberty is allowed to thrive within the republic.

Myth: The III% United Patriots are beholden to the governor.


This myth is possible because of the personal incrudeility fallacy. The III% United Patriots is not a “Militia of the State” and therefor has no commander in chief under North Carolina State Law.   However, in a time of crisis or need, the NC Govenor may activate any group he pleases as part of the “Militia of the State” and at that point we would be beholden to the govenor.

Myth: Militias are illegal, which is why you can't say the word.


Militias are not illegal and in fact, they are protected by the 2nd Amendment.  However, a certain democratic president began to apply pressure on groups he did not agree with by weaponizing government organizations such as the IRS.  The National III% United Patriots organization decided during that era to simply remove the word “militia” from all publications to avoid becoming targets.  But it is noteworthy of how vital an organization like ours is, which is constitutionally protected, when it feels the need to change its speech on publications to avoid being targeted by it’s own government that is supposed to protect it.

Myth: I'm too old to join.


No one is too old to contribute.  In fact, we’ve noticed that our older members seem to contribute the most to the organization through training attendance, knowledge, and wisdom.  Never believe you’re too old to get involved!

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