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Some of us that left, or were kicked, have created a new multi-state organization with an even more robust training schedule:

Guardians of Liberty


August 2, 2020

Today, while I’m at church, none-the-less, without a sit-down with those involved as promised by National Board, I was removed from National III% United Patriots and III% United Patriots of North Carolina.  Those whom had bailed on us instead of coming to the table to talk were put into power – all from one battalion.  I was removed without notice, so was EggFoo and others who had done nothing but follow lawful orders, as they were supposed to do by one of the very people currently in power by use of this website’s old link to a Facebook page with administrative privileges.  Those whom were patriots whom I would have at my six any day of the week.  However, I’m not a politician and I will NEVER play politics. Therefor, I no longer had a place in the organization especially after learning a startling truth I could not stand for.

There was an incident that preceded this.  At first, all indications to me was that I was in the clear.  I was specifically told the aggravation was that someone jumped the chain of command, severely.  It wasn’t until I was told some strange information that tables turned against me.

This resulted in the fact that I was given 7 minutes on a phone call to defend myself on this ordeal.  I was told after sending a full report, “I need a short version because I don’t have time to read all of that” on the phone and I was either hung up on or the call dropped in which that board member did not re-answer nor did they call back until I was removed.  Simply put, no judge or jury tells you to give them a 7 minute case because the devil is in the details and it is a miscarriage of justice to do so.

But what was it I found?  What was so profound that I would be told there was a lot of anger about someone going to other state CO’s to all of the sudden being angry about a damned video?  It was a problem with the national board, or as I was told, “National Command”.  An order was given that seems to indicate that we’re are going to war with Antifa and the UN.

But National went much further with their removal of me (over a live-stream video in a private group that was 100% positive).  They published an order to OTHER III% groups to forbid me from entering.  Let everyone reading this let that sink in – let the sheer pompousness of that sink in and settle to the cortex for deep processing.

Michael Wells is removed from 3UPNC and ALL N.C. 3% Groups
Kimberly Wells is removed from 3UPNC and ALL N.C. 3% Groups

National has given recommendations to remove Michael Wells and Kimberly Wells from ANY and ALL present and FUTURE 3% national groups.

Note:  This is not just 3UP groups they’re talking like they have control over.

For those other III% groups I’m currently in, I hope you can see from that one statement that III% United Patriots are no longer representing their name.  They don’t intend to unite anyone but to cause a war.  I now understand why I was told repeatedly that we were under FBI investigation just from our name.  Honestly, I have a clean record, and I had the best intentions, so I didn’t give a shit.

All information on this website is being deleted (or is deleted already).  However, this page will remain and other records may also remain, especially those communications which can be used as evidence for this event.

What’s really silly here, I was actually threatened, by law suit to take this website down.  As you can see, the database for the website is now empty.

EDIT: This was restored as we have 4 pending orders that have to be resolved before I can take everything completely offline

And of course, I’ve taken the DATA down, but you get what you ask for and you see now how I respond to your fucking threats after I politely explain that the website is coming down and I have no access to the hosting from HOME (yeah, as I said, it’s that secure – it’s network-based access only).  So, now, even if I would have forgotten (likely no so because I wanted to redirect this domain to another website to steal it’s SEO that I paid for), instead of an old website that would have fallen to the dark annals of the interwebs as people stopped using it that had Fort Knox security that no one else could access, you now have a very, key-word-loaded, letter that is specifically designed to trigger certain search engine queries to register really high in the search engines results (this is called SEO – a passion of mine).

However, photographs and physical uploads to the website will be deleted at a later date as some documents and screenshots uploaded does contain evidence of treachery and backstabbing that I’m simply going to hang on to for future reference (along with an offline list of names and call-signs).  I also have a copy of the Terms of Service – trust me, removing the website was a courtesy, it’s not something I had to do.  But after deep thought and understanding that once again, I was threatened by a certain someone *cough* Sheryl *cough*, all bets are off.

Anyone can contact me at wellsm@3upnc.org and I’ll be more than happy to provide you the other screenshots and audio recordings that National does not want you to see or hear.  It is also true that I have a media contact that I have an appointment now scheduled on Thursday.   Even through all of this, I hope to keep the patriot movement in a positive light – but I will not lie.  While I will not volunteer names and the organization name, if I’m asked, I will drop this organization’s name like a cheap wallet from Walmart.  I’m also very well aware that I may be asked if I knew about plans to go to war with Antifa, and I’ll reply truthfully.  However, if Mr Charles sticks to the topic of what I think of the patriot movement, I’ll also reply honestly, “There is too many people who do not know the first damned thing about the intricacies of war (battles, support of the people, psyops, propaganda, etc) who are in charge and wanting to wage war against their enemy that has the full support of the biggest propaganda arm the world has ever known: The US Media.  In our current state, the moment we fire a shot, we lose the war. And – I’m not a fan of losing.”  So there you go.  If you want to know how much I plan to fuck up the interview – you now have it.

Yeah, that’s ‘lose cannon’ talk.   And that’s exactly what I am.  You would think that National 3UP would have thought about that, first. Outside of a structured organization with orders and boundaries, I’m as free as the law, my Bible, and my fear allows.  And if you haven’t caught on yet, my only fear is of needles and tyranny.  So, unless you’re going to come at me with a syringe, you can best bet I’m not going to flinch or back down.  And threatening me or lying to me, that only pisses me off more and provides more motivation for thread-naughts and information drops like this.

The Incident Report

This started over the following incident which is what was posted to ALL members on this website (even Caleb and his cohorts)  except for the notated edits below:

First of all, I want to preface this by letting everyone know some information to ground their opinions in:

  1. There was a mission briefing, everyone knew what we were getting into
  2. Every mishap within this organization is MY responsibility –  I am the TOP of the chain, which means it all comes back to me
  3. Considering, the outcomes went better than we could have hoped for

As some know, Caleb Guthrie and some of his friends have left the organization.  Believe me when I tell you this: I’ve tried everything to advert this and to reason with them.   However, my hands are tied when they simply refuse to talk or purposely go outside of the chain of command.


On July 29, 2020 at about 15:00 we were briefed by Caleb Guthrie on the plans for the operation.  His plan was to have a few teams.  One of which was “Over watch” which he would lead and the rest were to be under my control.    Firstly, this is highly irregular.  If I had known his plan (and that again is my fault) before arriving I would have let him know this and demanded that he stay in HQ.

I was, however, very suspicious that his team had become more than just a team.  To test this I asked him if he minded switching someone out of his team with my team – he was not happy with this idea at all, neither was his 3 other team members.   I didn’t push it, but I noted that this was not healthy.

Why?  “Good ‘ole boy” groups commonly cover for each other and mistakes become systemic and habit forming.  Instead of the members reporting mistakes up the command, they’re simply swept under the rug and this is about to get very obvious further down.

(edit: Seems that group is now in charge of the entire state.  Good luck!)

The rest of us were to break into teams under my Command (as stated) to provide support, intel, and command and control.

Everyone was briefed that the over watch team would be staying in a building which was a office for our principal contact that was inside the “lock-down zone”.  Everyone was advised that the building would be inaccessible from 7pm (19:00) until 6am (06:00).  That means there was no abort option after 7pm (19:00) unless it was a medical emergency as it would be a violation of law.


The mission started at about 17:00 hours.  Intel up-ticked at about 19:00 hours as Azrael (the New Black Panther’s Leader) started streaming.  At a little after 19:20 Azrael stated over his stream that the III% United Patriots was there in plain clothes hiding in buildings near the court house and the order was given to “hunt them down”.

My first reaction was “TELL OVER WATCH NOW!”

No, I was actually panicked – this was my first operation with these guys and their lives were already in grave danger.  But I kept my composure and thought it out rationally.

I then detailed that order, “Tell them there is a compromise and that they are being hunted”.

Why?  I plan for the worst and hope for the best.   The worst case scenario is that this information was put out there to flush our guys out of the buildings, out of cover and into the open.  This could have been deadly.  Also, I’ve never met some of the folks under Caleb’s command before I don’t know how they will respond to “grave” news – will they listen to reason or become emotional and do something stupid if they get spooked?

Long story short there, I had millions of options that I had to weigh and settled on the fact that they were in a brick building with a steel door with tactical superiority while we had a team nearby that could support them if the New Black Panthers showed up.  I was not going to give any orders or provide any information that might lead that team to abandon their cover and run out into the open for an exfil.

There is another component this is as well.  Would we be taken seriously if we tucked tail and ran?  Keep in mind, this is a psychological war as much as it is a physical war.   If you don’t think so, ask yourself why a single shot has yet to be fired at the behest George Soros – he is the mastermind of all of this after all and yet, has not instructed a single person to fire a shot!  Yet, he is winning!

This is because they know the power of winning over hearts and minds.  This happens with public relations, media exposure, and having a solid, unified message that everyone can relate to.  It’s not always the message you send but the reception of that message; how it can be accepted by all involved and that message is simply peace, law, and order.

War has several components to it, not just physical, but psychological, informational, and many others.  Neglecting the primary component of war your enemy is using against you simply because you don’t believe you should use it or that it is ‘too much exposure’ to use it is a guaranteed defeat.  I don’t fight to be defeated in any aspect of war.

The Air-Force Manual describing the art form of war says it best.

There were other minor incidences that happens – again my fault on each but they were rectified and were non-issues.

At 22:00 hours, intel begin to trickle down and activity died.   By 23:00 the threat was gone and the crowds had dispersed peacefully despite Azrael’s order to hunt us down.

However, at 1:00am (01:00) over watch began to fail radio checks.  But our team stated that the area was clear.  Keep in mind we can’t go in without violating the law.   The third radio check was successful at 01:20, however the radio operator was noticeably “groggy” and had slurred speech.  There are 2 conclusions to draw here:  He was either sleeping or drunk.  I’m going to go with sleeping.

Because from 02:00 until 05:50 they failed ALL radio checks.

At 01:30 some discussion was had about this breech of mission details – how did they know?  Who told them?  We did already know that the Police Department was not our friend.  I initially accused (and pointed fingers) at the Police Chief and thought that if the Sheriff’s Department who knew all of our operational details was talking to the Chief, then we were completely exposed.   I also knew that Azrael was playing a psychological game (Informational Warfare), and I knew that we needed a record of our involvement.  When the statement was made, “Our enemies know more about what we’re doing than our own members do”, the idea fell into my lap.  I could make lemonade from lemons and even turn this into a PR piece to propel the organization and the participants in a positive light.

Discussion was had that if we did this video what had to remain out of it – names, exact locations, our benefactors, contacts, etc.  And that’s exactly what happened.  I went Live with EggFoo beside me and we both addressed the organization on Facebook (inside the group) letting them know we were there, we were on the ground, and we had teams in place in the “quarantine zone”.  That’s the limitation to the information dropped.   I did preach on how proud of was of the team and that it was a positive result of vigorous training.  The video was 100% positive in nature but it did document our perspective of why we were there if it became an issue and it also sent a message to Azrael (we were pretty sure he would get the video), we have the community’s support, not him.  We were even careful to keep our LEO contacts out of the video and didn’t even specify which LEO branch invited us even though Azrael already knew we were helping the police (he had to have known this if he knew we were in the lock-down area and weren’t being sought by the police unless he is a retard which I highly doubt).

But the video’s scope was limited by the information exposure we already knew about.  At this point, confirming or denying to Azrael what he already knew was not going to make any difference.  He already had a police contact – we knew the Police Chief was the likely source and if it were (it wasn’t), there is no way in hell Azrael would ever take our word over his.

The point is, many things were weighted and calculated before ever going live including exposure risks and the risk of slipping up with something we said which is why specific things were talked about and agreed upon that it simply wouldn’t be talked about and certain things would be said by certain people.  But ultimately, the threat was gone and we knew this well before going live making it near impossible to put our team in any further danger.

Now, there is an unscripted moment in the video (not really unscripted, but unexpected) in which you can see me visibly freak out, turn the camera and fiddle to find the end-stream button when a member who had not discussed this walks up.  I do ask him if he’s sure he wants to be in the video and that it was public.  He said yes and stepped in frame (he has since recanted this and wants the video taken down but the warning is said on camera, and his response and agreement is also, clearly on camera).

Anyways, we thought, at the time the video was a huge success.  All metrics said it was including the number of views and the sudden outpouring of new member signups on this website (applications).

Therefor, I went to bed around 04:00 (ish).  When I awoke around 08:00 I was told by Miss Kay that there was huge contention around the video by Caleb’s team and by the person on the video (Inspector).

My first question/response/defense to her when she said that was, “But op-sec was already blown”.

Note:  I didn’t blame anyone for that, I had no idea that anyone within our team was responsible – hell my blame was on that Police Chief which I also voiced to Jamie Daniel.

I also then told Kay and Jared and everyone else still at HQ that we needed a debriefing with Caleb and his crew ASAP.  There was a LOT that went wrong that night (and again, I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT), and we needed to talk about it and hash it out.  We were, of course, also going to talk about the video, the reasons for it and perspective which you have seen Miss Kay post about in our Facebook Group a few times now.

Why is perspective important?  It’s important because it allows you to see what you want to see.   Put yourself in a submarine, for example and imagine that you’re at the sea floor at a dept of 33 feet.  Someone then asks me over the radio, “how deep can that sub go?”

If I answer “to the bottom”, I haven’t really answered that question to the person asking.  However, from the perspective of the folks on that submarine, it appears as if I’ve given away their depth which simply isn’t true.  With that knowledge, if you can watch that video again, I invite you to do so – think about Caleb’s prospective and the prospective of Azrael if he were watching.  This was the exact speech that would have been given to Caleb Guthrie and his team and they would have been reassured that InfoSec, CommSec, and OpSec was my job description in the US Army.

This really all boils down to one thing:  Trust.  I feel as if Caleb and his team had no trust in my abilities, their actions show it more than anything I can describe.   The fact of the matter is, I do know what I’m doing and I’ve done it before and if they didn’t trust me enough to come to me and ask why I may have done something they don’t agree with, then they should have NEVER put me in the hot-seat to begin with unless they had other motives.

It is thought, but not proven, that this video caused Azrael to melt down on his live-stream that morning when he addresses us again while he’s leaving and he tips his hand letting us know exactly how many people he can count on (which isn’t much at all).   If that video provoked his response, it is a wild success and a clear win for the battle of psychology.

And that, everyone, is the end result.   Azrael saw that we didn’t back down (and if he saw the video, he saw that we were rubbing it in his face), and therefor he did NOT cause any violence in that town (at least while we were there).

As we found out through our principal contact and through Jamie Daniel’s investigation, the Person County Sheriff’s Department found the leak very quickly.  The contact sent Jamie a Screenshot of the leak’s profile picture and the principal contact (there in HQ with us as it was her house), confirmed that the leaker was a her building manager.   We also found other details of motive and secondary information transfer such as the guy not being able to keep his mouth shut because of self-esteem issues and being a habitual bragger and that he had recent contact with a Police Officer under investigation with BLM ties (this is at least my understanding from reports from 2 different people).


Keeping in mind that most of the information within this document is not first-hand accounts from me but a compilation of discussions and reports from the team at HQ, it is important to know that I have done my very best to include all of the facts possible to this post and welcome Caleb and his team to add to it.   If anything IS wrong, I ask them to quote what is wrong and provide EVIDENCE/EXPLANATION to the contrary (they can also provide it directly to me so no contacts are burned, I’m completely fine with that and I’m also doing the same).

The overall mission was an astounding success in spite of our mistakes.   However, it is unfortunate that Caleb and his team and followers have outright refused any sit-down or talks after being repeatedly asked and even repeated agreements to do so.

This entire ordeal could be resolved with 1 hour face-to-face, man-to-man (in some cases, woman-to-man for Miss Kay) time.  All that would need to happen is for him to look me in the eye and see that I’m steadfast in my belief (which the facts back up) that the video covered his ass more than it exposed it.  Again, a calculated and measured response not just a PR piece (although it was an awesome PR piece).

It is important that when you examine an operation in hindsight that you apply facts, not feelings.  The facts are that this video was successful in achieving it’s goal without further exposing the team.   Jamie Daniel, (good friend of Caleb’s) did even state that everything said in the video was “incredibly vague” after watching it twice.   Again, it’s prospective.   I realize that in Caleb’s prospective, it looks like he was exposed by us.  But it isn’t so.  It was a measured response and a calculated action and I had even expected that there would have been some blow-back (and prepared for that) but what I didn’t prepare for was the total withdrawal of that team from any discussion whatsoever.

I’ve told several of the officers this, and I’ll state this publicly:  I was a Sergeant in the US Army.  I wasn’t an officer, administrator, etc – I didn’t sit on my ass and tell people what to do, I lead by example.  Let me tell that it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, to sit on my ass and tell a radio operator what to tell my teams.   It got so bad that I had to take the radio.  I’m not used to the role of sitting down and commanding.  Even in my own company I’m not used to it and likely never will get used to it.

It took a lot of resolve for to just sit there.  Not to mention it was hot (I loathe the heat more than anyone can know, sweating is almost painful :P) and I wanted very much any excuse to get in the truck with some AC and ride down and check on Caleb’s team a few times (especially after failed radio checks).  So let me make this crystal clear:  If something had happened that night and Caleb’s team came under attack, don’t even doubt me, my ugly ass face would have been the first face they would have seen come to their rescue because my resolve would have crumbled right there, on the spot and I wouldn’t have given a shit about any griping or complaining that people had about my role of “commander”.

Everyone, these are the facts as I know them.  Yeah, my story will change as I learn more information.  My story has constantly been evolving as more facts (that I trust from those around me) come up in detailed discussions.  This is not an indication of lying – it’s an indication that my reality can change based on the facts presented to me – in other words, unlike some, I’m not dead set on one, singular narrative.

Throughout all of this, I still believe Caleb to be a great guy and great leader and I am under the total belief that if he would simply come to the table and talk, it would be resolved within the hour.

In fact, this message comes with the explicit order that if you are going to complain about this ordeal, direct it toward me.  As I said, everything falls on me.  If you want to talk shit about someone, talk shit about me and my mistakes.

(Edit: End of report as it was posted to the members)

What Does This Mean?

That means to stay in III% United Patriots which still exists on Facebook (and maybe MeWe) only, there is no more Patriot University (maybe some will be happy about that, yay for no training, right?), no more vetting manager, no more TeamSpeak (again, some will be happy about that too), but some things should go on.  Maybe the group remains active or maybe it devolves back to a social fan club where they LARP around to get the best shot of themselves in their living rooms to upload to the group.  I hope the group stays together the best it can and I do hope it remains active and a benefit to our society, but with it’s leadership and with national dictating an act of war, I can’t foresee a positive outcome from that.   But I will be moving on.  I’m in 2 other III% groups and some of the members that have left are asking me to create another III% group.  I’m still debating this, but I do have a lot of support and I really appreciate that.   For those of you whom have served with me honorably, even those choosing to stay, I send my deepest regrets and regards and wish you the very best.   I encourage you to do what it is you feel is right and what you feel your conscious will let you live with.

As for me, I’ve said somethings I can’t take back.  I’ve been betrayed by some of my closest friends here even though the denials are everywhere.  Things simply don’t add up.  No matter how many times someone tells me it’s all in my head, when someone who is pissed off comes out and says “you’ve been played” in a Facebook comment, it tends to get your attention and when a national leader tells you that someone closest too you wants you out, you start to put 2 and 2 together.   So when people tells you that 2 and 1 equals 4, you’re going to say things you may later regret – at least I do because I know I’m being lied to.

Some may look at my recent actions and think that I’ve completely lost it.  Let me state for the record, when I believe that you have lied to me and are continuing to lie to me, that’s what you get.  I don’t tolerate it, I won’t entertain it, and if you want to see me go ballistic, lie to me or steal from me.   You can talk about my mother, me, my wife, (might want to leave the kids out of it), but lie to me or steal from me and you’re going to see a very different person as some have seen.  And this is not a surprise to a lot of you.  I came into the organization stating this about myself, and some damned sure found it out when I left.

And then, to top it all off, when I see people like Jester using the back-end of the website to manipulate the main group via a linked facebook page (which is logged by a 3rd party – JetPack – oh you may have deleted the local logs, but you forgot about that you can’t delete the ones on JetPack – I can’t even do that) in order to try and setup one of my friends, you can really just kiss any chance of a positive relationship goodbye – but that’s what they wanted.  Your pre-crafted oligarchy can’t take control if your members have a more ideal alternative.  So smear it, squash it, and you keep the control.  So you think.  And that’s all I’ll say at this time.

Michael L Wells
Former CO, III% United Patriots of North Carolina
Eagle Scout, Disabled Veteran, Small Business Owner, Husband, Father of 4, Libertarian, Law-abiding and God-fearing Patriot
wellsm@3upnc.org – 919-440-1045 – or join teamspeak:  comms.3upnc.org to get the latest on the new group setup.

PS:  See, the difference between the new leadership and me, I don’t give a rats ass who knows who I am.  I have nothing to hide and if the KKK, Antifa, etc want to meet me head on at my house – then I would be forced to defend myself and I’m very capable of that.  I’ve been to hell and come back from it, and I miss it – the adrenaline rush, the sand sticking to the sweat on your face and ball-sack at 0600 hours, I miss it all (almost).  It’s a love/hate relationship.  I’m not afraid of conflict, as a solider at heart, I’m afraid of one possibility:  Tyranny befalls my children because good men did nothing.  If I have to come into the light and tell a patriot’s story – a patriot who represents all demographics of America, a patriot that realizes anarchy is tyranny (mob rule) and that “hate the police” is just as bad as racism – I WILL.  If I have to be the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, I will.  But I will not go to my grave questioning if I did everything I could to secure my children’s liberty.