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It's A Brotherhood Very Few Understand Training It's only a small part of the equation, but we always train for the worst, yet we pray the day never comes we need it. 100% Patriots 100% Active What does freedom mean to you? Is it worth a little humility? A little pain? A little suck? We believe freedom is worth our lives. What To Expect From III% United Patriots of North Carolina Political Rallies A Command Structure Social Events Field Training Law Enforcement Love Veteran Love Friendly Faces Security Training Diverse Backgrounds Help Getting Licenses Community Support Disaster Relief


Community Service

III% United Patriots of NC promotes and engages in community service around our communties where able.  From volunteering at soup kitchens to helping to restore order and property after natural disasters, the III% has and will be there.

Constitutional Rights

III% United Patriots of NC is an advocate for the restoration and preservation of the United States Constitution and the rights enumerated within.  We oppose any infrigements to the individual liberties that the document protects.

Political Activism

III% United Patriots of NC engages in political activisim including peaceful demonstrations and rallies.  We also keep in contact with senators, govenors, and other politicans to express our concerns as an organization.

How Are United Patriots Different?

III% United Patriots of North Carolina is a Tactical Crisis Response Organization (TCRO) and actively volunteers and responds as freedom loving patriots to natural and man-made diasters.  We are not a militia.  We maintain a defenisve and supportive posture aiding in disaster recovery and local law enforcement while standing ready to defend liberty.

We are an independant III% Group.  While we are nationally chartered by III% United Patriots, all state chapters have total automony.  The national structure is in place so that the states may assist one another during diasters and exercises while each state director has the ultimate authority over the organization in that state.

We are an inclusive organization and do not disciminate based on gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, or religion.  We do not, however, allow for radical belief systems within the organization that espouses violence on any demographic.  Those banned organizations are, but not limited to, the KKK, Neo-NAZIs and Skintheads, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wallstreet, and some extreme religious beliefs.  We also do not allow individuals who espous hatred to the United States of America, it’s constitution, it’s history, or it’s founding principals of inalienable rights: Life, Liberty, and the Persuit of Happiness.

III% United Patriots of North Carolina warmly embraces the patriot movement, other III% groups, and those who love and respect the constitution.  We have no issues about other meberships with other patriot organizations so long as the member can well-manage their time with both organizations.  We allow and encourage our members to join and support other patriot groups and we accept members from all patriot organizations.


Primary Goals

Portable Targets for Range ($270) 4%
Command Stand-Up Tent ($2,100) 1%
Portable Latrine & Privacy Screen 2%
Camp 15000 Watt Tow-Behind Generator ($10,000) 0%
Equipment Trailer for S4 ($9,000) 0%

Secondary Goals

Billboard Advertisement ($8000) 0%
Purchase of 3UP NC Land ($12000) 0%
Building of 3UP NC structures, courses, and facilities ($30,000) 0%

When you shop on our website, 100% of every penny made in profit (that is anything left over after the cost of the product, transaction fees, and shipping) is put into this organization’s account and goes directly to the purchase of equipment and activities for the organization.

As the organization reaches certain goals, we will have more and more things available to us.  The average profit per sale from our website is approximately $6.00 and profits may range from $1.00 to $20.00.

$ .82

Funds Raised

% Total

Goal Progress




Profits to Org


We support the return of power to the citizens and their states respectively.

We support the reduction of our country’s role on the world stage.

We support the reduction of aphabet federal agencies.

We support other patriot groups.

We believe the origonal amendments do not live or breath and they are not flexable.

We support individual liberty.

We support a free and open market.

We support fiscal conservatisim.

We support local law enforcement.

We respect personal choices (which do not affect others) as personal rights.

Our Policies

  • Conservative
  • Liberal
  • Libertarian

Who Likes Us

  • Conservative
  • Liberal
  • Libertarian

Our Threats

Southern Poverty Law Center
Totalitarian Politicians
Neo Nazis
Black Lives Matter


Once upon a time, on a day much like any other day in the year 1776, a very powerful monarchy decided that after an unfair Tea-Tax sent their colonies into a frenzy, it would quell any talk of rebellion by confiscating the colonists’ guns.  That didn’t turn out very well for the powerful monarchy because an estimated 3% of the Colonists of Concord stood at the Old-North Bridge and refused to give up their guns.   They were killed in the struggle but those shots rang out across the world as if the Liberty Bell rang throughout time itself rallying every colony against the British.  The result of that conflict was the birth of our nation, the United States of America.

History taught everyone a very valuable lesson that fateful day.  It doesn’t require a super-majority or even a majority to fundamentally change the political climate and to restore justice.  It only takes III%.






Official Stance of III% United Patriots of NC

The year 2020 has thrown so much at us so far for the first half of the year, that it is honestly hard to digest everything that is going on adequately and with any real integrity.  We’ve been having to slug through false information, real information, and sort fact from fiction with each event that […]

Federal and State Governments Ramping Up

State and Federal governments are ramping up for something big – martial law? We can’t be sure at the moment but there are dozens of theories going around as benign as auxiliary medical infrastructure to continuity of government. In our own state, members have been reporting heavy police and national guard presences. The National Guard […]

CONVID-19 – Everything You Need To Know

I will preface this by explaining a few things.  I’m former intelligence (US Army Signal Corps), I’ve been exposed to some of the most sensitive documents our government guards.   I’m taking a risk by going public with some of this, but after a LOT of consideration and thinking about how I will give some of […]

2020 Semi-Annual Winter FTX

Our first State-Wide FTX couldn’t have possibly been more successful with 32 in attendance and absolutely ZERO safety concerns or medical issues raised the entire weekened! As the FTX kicked off on Friday evening, you wouldn’t have noticed that it was our first time. Things flowed smoothly. Gate Guards radioed Brigade HQ for new arrival […]

Firearms Training Soon to be Class 5 felony: VA Senate Bill 64

A word about Interval Training regarding readiness.

I absolutely love that quote from General Patton…it is one of the best descriptions of Americans when speaking in a broad sense. To be a Winner, you have to train to win, drill to be better and practice like you fight. With that said, interval training is a great way to build muscle and increase […]

Antifa Riots in Pittsboro, North Carolina

As information is still flooding in much of this publishing may be preliminary however, the information is from members who were “boots on the ground” and on scene. While the event seems to have been started in another county with a confederate flag being flown near an all-black school, the conditions deteriorated in Pittsboro, NC […]

Field Training and Oaths

The field training exercise for October 13, 2019 was one for the books and likely the most remarkable thus far.  Attendance seems to slowly and steadily rise, however, we were disappointed with the number of commitments on Facebook and the number in attendance.   If we had combined previous attendees in one group, the turnout would […]

Field Training: Latest Completed FTX and Future State FTX

2nd Battalion hosted a FTX at Cliffs of the Neuse State Park on September 28, 2019 which lasted from 1030 hours until 1630 hours. During this time command staff was trained on the finer points of website administration and battalion administration, while other hip-pocket classes were hosted which led to Drill and Ceremony, formations, and […]

Beto’s Confiscation Plan Shows Why Gun Owners Must Reject Appeasement

Gun confiscation is the goal. Gun confiscation has always been the goal. Thanks to a recent outburst by 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Robert (Beto) Francis O’Rourke, potentially millions more Americans are now aware of this fact. On September 12, a visibly deranged Beto told the viewers of an ABC News Democratic primary debate, “Hell, yes, we’re going […]

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